POM-C AP50TM - polyoxymethylene copolymer by Acoustic Points

For the purposes of Acoustic Points, a special modification of the POM-C copolymer has been created. POM-C AP50TM polyacetal is a modification of POM-C which is charactarised by a low resistance value, both surface and proper. The material does not require moisturizing or any other processes to show antistatic properties. Distributed evenly in the structure of the polymer, our additives eliminate electrostatic charges and increase the material's resistance to UV radiation.

Similarily modified polyacetals are used for casings of electonic appliances and they function as magnetic screens protecting the appliances from the influence of electromagnetic waves. Typically, the surface resistance of is about 103Ω, while the proper resistance is  5 x 103Ω*cm.

The values of proper and surface resistances of AP50 are higher and amount 109 to 1012Ω*m and 109 to 1011Ω respectively.

POM-C AP50TM provides excellent protection from static electric changes. It is most suitable for such applications where electrostatic forces may cause instability of work or change the parameters of the transmitted signals.

All the POM-C advantages e.g. impact resistance and dimensional stability remain practically unchanged in case of our modified version. Thanks to the introduction of 10% Teflon (TPFE) to the composition of the original POM-C, we have achieved lower-than-standard abrasion rate which has definitely improved sliding properties and resistance to material wear.

Key features of the AP50TM modification:

- the size of the proper and surface resistance prevents the accumulation of electrostatic charges.

- the fact that a modifier is set stably in the original composition of a material prevents its migration which guarantees the stability of resistance and its independence from the dampness of a material

- good sliding properties and low friction prevent the formation of additional electric charges

- enhanced resistance to frictional wear and a lower coefficient of friction

- higher hardness of elements – carrying bigger loads

- good chemical resistance including resistance to hydrolysis

- high mechanical strength and rigidity as well as excellent dimensional stability

The exact composition and nomenclature of POM-C AP50TM is protected by a patent application.


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